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Photo of the publication cover. Controlled Substance Prescriptions in New Mexico, 2006-2013 Substance Abuse - Newsletter August 22, 2014

Drug overdose death has become the leading cause of injury death in New Mexico and nationally over the past decade. New Mexico had the second-highest drug overdose death rate in the nation, after West Virginia, in 2011. In the period from 2008-2012, there were an average of 483 drug overdose deaths in New Mexico each year, more than three times as many as there were in 1990-1994.

Photo of the publication cover. Ambulatory Care Sensitive Condition Hospitalization Rates in New Mexico Emergency Medical Services - Newsletter June 23, 2014

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, all but two New Mexico counties have a Health Professional Shortage Area, which is defined as having shortages of primary medical care which may include too few primary care providers, high infant mortality rates, high poverty and/or large elderly population.

Photo of the publication cover. Late-onset Group B Streptococcus in NM Infants, 2006–2011 Emerging Infections - Newsletter May 20, 2014

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) infection is a leading cause of neonatal sepsis in developed and developing countries around the world. GBS neonatal infection can be classified as either early-onset, which occurs within the first six days of life, or late-onset which occurs between 7–89 days of life.

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