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Photo of the publication cover. Alcohol Poisoning Deaths in New Mexico and the US 2008-2012 Substance Abuse - Newsletter February 24, 2015

This report will compare alcohol poisoning rates for New Mexico to those for the United States in order to support the development of policies and public health interventions in New Mexico.

Photo of the publication cover. Pedestrian and Pedal Cycle Deaths and Injuries Injury Prevention - Newsletter February 2, 2015

The data on pedestrian and pedal cycle deaths were obtained from the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics. All residents with an ICD-10 underlying cause of death code in the range V01-V19 were included in the analysis.

Photo of the publication cover. Fall-Related Deaths and Injuries Among Older Adults in NM Injury Prevention - Newsletter November 21, 2014

This report addresses fall-related deaths, hospitaliza-tions and emergency department visits among New Mexico adults who are aged 65 years or older. The number and rate of fall-related injury deaths, hos-pitalizations and ED visits among NM residents were calculated for this report.

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