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Our mission is to promote health and wellness, improve health outcomes, and assure safety net services for all people in New Mexico.
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Photo of the publication cover. Stomach Bug Guide for School Employees Norovirus - Guide September 22, 2015

This booklet explains what a school employee needs to know about stomach illnesses at school. What are your responsibilities? How can you decrease the risks to yourself, your co-workers, and other students? How should you clean up? This booklet will answer these questions for you and provide you with tips to share with your co-workers, family, and the school community.

Libro de Bug de Estómago para Empleados de la Escuela

Photo of the publication cover. NMSIIS Borrowing Registry Quick Reference Guide Immunization - Guide May 20, 2015

This borrowing quick reference guide describes the process for borrowing inventories of vaccine for both privately insured and VFC-eligible children.

Photo of the publication cover. The Submitter’s Guide to BSB Biology - Guide March 16, 2015

General information about the biological services bureau including phone numbers, frequently asked questions, basic principles, example submissions, tips, and more.

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