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Photo of the publication cover. Report and Recommendations from the Proposed Rule Changes Hearing Medical Cannabis Program - Report August 7, 2014

On June 16, 2014, the New Mexico Department of Health held a public hearing at the Harold Runnels Building Auditorium in Santa Fe, New Mexico regarding the proposed repeal and replacement of NMAC 7.34.2, NMAC 7.34.3, and NMAC 7.34.4. This report outlines the hearing officer’s report and recommendations.

Photo of the publication cover. Title V Block Grant - Application 2015 & Annual Report 2013 Maternal & Child Health - Report July 31, 2014

Every year each state is required to submit an Application and Annual Report for the Title V MCH Services Block Grant to the Federal Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB) in the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Título V Block Grant - Aplicación 2015 y Informe Anual 2013

Photo of the publication cover. State-Tribal Collaboration Act Agency Report 2014 Tribal Liaison - Report July 31, 2014

Health related programs and services touch the lives of New Mexicans at their most significant and vulnerable times. In the spirit of this, we have successfully partnered and collaborated with the state’s Tribes, Nations and Pueblos and the Off Reservation groups.

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