New Mexico Department of Health
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Medical Cannabis Program

Important Announcement

Due to recent changes in application requirements the department of Health has revised the patient application. The current application is available on this website and meets all current requirements. Please begin using this application immediately. The department will accept the prior application, which has a revision date of 2/27/2015, until August 1, 2015. Some of the notable changes include:

Medical Providers and enrollees are welcome to contact the Medical Cannabis Program if they have any further questions.

Medical Practitioners, Applicants & Qualified Patients

The new rules for the Medical Cannabis Program mean the forms provided must also change. You should begin using the revised Medical Cannabis Patient Application and Medical Cannabis Personal Production Application, along with the Medical Cannabis Patient Info Change or Card Replacement forms now. The new forms have the statement “revised 2/27/15” at the bottom of each page.

The MCP will stop accepting the old forms on April 1, 2015. We encourage everyone to review the new forms and contact the Program if you have questions. Please check this website regularly for additional information and updates.

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