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Photo of the publication cover. NMSIIS Tips for Providers & Users Immunization - Help September 4, 2014

This document contains a reference of helpful tips for users of the statewide immunization information system.

Photo of the publication cover. Pink Book Reference of Foreign Vaccine Product Names Immunization - Help July 10, 2014

Use this document as an aid to translating foreign immunization records. It describes disease, vaccine and related terms in table one, and trade names in table two. The tables of information have been adapted from lists developed by the Minnesota Department of Health Immunization Program and Washington State Department of Health.

Photo of the publication cover. Tips to Clean Lead Chips and Dust Lead Poisoning - Help July 9, 2014

Lead dust and chips from lead-based paint are the most common source of lead poisoning. As lead-based paint ages, it can deteriorate (chip, crack, peel) because of weathering.

Cómo limpiar el polvo contaminado con plomo desde tu casa

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