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Photo of the publication cover. Tips to Clean Lead Chips and Dust Lead Poisoning - Help July 9, 2014

Lead dust and chips from lead-based paint are the most common source of lead poisoning. As lead-based paint ages, it can deteriorate (chip, crack, peel) because of weathering.

Cómo limpiar el polvo contaminado con plomo desde tu casa

Photo of the publication cover. Proposed Rule Changes FAQ Medical Cannabis General Information - Help June 2, 2014

We offer the Proposed Rules FAQ to address frequent questions from the qualified patients and interested parties. Please read and share with others. Thank you for your continued input and support.

Photo of the publication cover. Lead in Firing Ranges Lead Poisoning - Help February 25, 2014

This is a personal protective equipment check list for workers explains a few simple steps you can take to reduce your exposure to lead at indoor firing ranges. These steps include wearing a respirator, coveralls including shoe covers, safety goggles, and chemical resistant gloves. It also provides some additional website resource links so you can learn more about preventing occupational exposures to lead and noise at indoor firing ranges.

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