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Photo of the publication cover. Ebola Infographic Ebola Virus Disease - Marketing October 17, 2014

Infographic that explains the basics about the Ebola virus disease.

Ebola Infografía

Photo of the publication cover. Silicosis in New Mexico Infographic Occupational Health Surveillance - Marketing July 11, 2014

This infographic illustrates that New Mexico has historically high rates of silicosis because of mining. However, not all silicosis in the state is mine-related. It clearly shows the relative comparison of deaths from or with silicosis by industry between mining, construction, or other industries. It goes on to explain that silicosis is a preventable occupational lung disease that is caused by breathing in dusts containing crystalline silica and more.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Brochure Asthma - Marketing April 1, 2014

This double-sided tri-fold brochure explains general information about our asthma program including statistics, contact information, and a list of website resources to learn more about asthma.

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