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Photo of the publication cover. Occupational Health Surveillance Program Update 2012 Occupational Health Surveillance - Presentation November 8, 2012

This presentation explains what the overall goal of the program is, what the reportable occupational conditions are, employment demographics, then provides data on injury and death rates.

Photo of the publication cover. Setting the Foundation for Work-Related Asthma Surveillance in New Mexico Occupational Health Surveillance - Presentation August 26, 2009

This presentation explains the occupational asthma project goals, desired outcomes, what is known to date, the approach and objectives, explains what the BRFSS is, reviews statistical data regarding asthma in New Mexico, then states conclusions.

Photo of the publication cover. Healthy Swimming Presentation Water Illness - Presentation May 11, 2009

This presentation was created by the CDC and covers a wide range of topics including what recreational water illness is, diarrheal illness, fecal contamination of recreational water, and pool operation and maintenance. It also provides a number of supporting data graphs and charts.