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Our mission is to promote health and wellness, improve health outcomes, and assure safety net services for all people in New Mexico.
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Binge Drinking and Cigarette Smoking Down July 19, 2016 - Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey - Awareness

Today, the New Mexico Department of Health announced that binge drinking and cigarette smoking is down among New Mexico high school students. « read more »

Disminución en el Consumo Excesivo de Alcohol y Uso de Cigarrillos

National Asthma Awareness Month Recognition May 24, 2016 - Asthma - Awareness

In recognition of May as Asthma Awareness Month, the New Mexico Department of Health reminds New Mexicans that asthma is the most common chronic disease among children and is a treatable and manageable chronic disease. Asthma is a long-term, inflammatory disease in which the airways of the lungs con... « read more »

Reconocimiento Del Mes Nacional de La Concientizacíon Sobre El Asma

National Hepatitis Awareness Month Promotion May 23, 2016 - Hepatitis Prevention - Awareness

May is National Hepatitis Awareness Month. During 2014 in the United States, deaths associated with Hepatitis C reached an all-time high of 19,659 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In New Mexico, there are between 30,000 and 45,000 people living with chronic Hepatitis C Vi... « read more »

Nacional de Hepatitis la conciencia de Promoción Mes

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Recognition May 19, 2016 - Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Awareness

In recognition of May as Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month, the New Mexico Department of Health encourages parents and teens to get involved in preventing teen pregnancy.“New Mexico continues making significant progress in reducing teen birthrates,” said Department of Health Secretary Designate Lyn... « read more »

El Departamento de Salud de Nuevo México Reconoce el Mes de la Prevención del Embarazo en Adolescentes

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