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Breath Alcohol Program

Provides the latest information concerning breath alcohol instrument certification, operator and key operator certification, and supply and part ordering for alcohol instrument peripherals.

Visit our Breath Alcohol Resource Center for all of the latest information concerning breath alcohol instruments.

This comprehensive application allows you to lookup instrument certificates by agency for the past three calendar years. Lookup for test operator and key operator certification by agency name or first and last names is also offered. Finally, you may order supplies and parts for your breath alcohol instrument peripherals using our online form.

DISCOVERY ORDERS: The Scientific Laboratory Division (SLD) is a component of the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) an executive branch agency that is not affiliated with any law enforcement or prosecution entity. Therefore, persons wishing certain types of information maintained by SLD are required to obtain a subpoena.

Recent Activity






Test and Key Operator Training

One of the class applications below should be filled out, and mailed, emailed or faxed to Jason Avery at the Scientific Laboratory Division prior to attending any of our scheduled classes at the laboratory.

We may restrict admission to initial certification classes to those who have not previously been certified and to those who do not qualify for a recertification class (NMAC

We accept applications on a first come first serve basis. If an application is submitted and the applicant fails to attend class or fails to notify SLD of his/her absence prior to class, than an application processing fee may be assessed to the agency for which they work.

Online Operator Recertification Training

The online Operator Recertification Training course is a new feature implemented by the Breath Alcohol Section. It allows the option for operators from all over the state to be able to be recertified as an operator instead of attending a class in person.


The cost of the online course is $65.00 per operator.

Application Process

The process to apply is simple. First, the operator will need to download and completely fill out the Breath Alcohol Test Operator Online Recertification Training Request Form and then email the application to Jason Avery or Cristy Garcia. You may alternately fax the application to 505-383-9088.

Please be sure that all fields on the application are completely filled out and legible! The Breath Alcohol Section will verify the information on the application to ensure that the operator is authorized to take the online course. The Breath Alcohol Section will follow up on the application with a confirmation email to the operator. This confirmation email will list step-by-step instructions on taking the course as well as supplying the enrollment key.


Enrollments for the course will be open for a specific time period each month, set by the Breath Alcohol Section. If the operator fails to take the course in the specified time frame established by the confirmation email, the operator will have to resubmit an application and will be forced to wait for the new enrollment period.

Course Highlights

The course is separated into several sections, or modules. Each module consists of a presentation and a quiz. After all of the modules and quizzes have been completed, the operator will then be able to take the final exam. Please note, in order to pass the online recertification course, the operator must have a score of 100% to be recertified.

Once the final exam is complete and the score is acceptable, a temporary certificate will be produced that the operator can print. The Breath Alcohol Section will create and mail out the operator card.