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National Public Health Week

April 2, 2018 - Public Health - Celebration

April 2-8 is National Public Health Week

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) joins public health departments nationwide in celebrating National Public Health Week and urges New Mexicans to learn more about the Public Health Clinics and services in their community. 

National Public Health Week, led by the American Public Health Association, recognizes the people promoting public health, prevention and safety in New Mexico while raising awareness of the essential services they provide.

“New Mexico has a strong public health system built on an essential network of relationships focused on sustaining and improving community health," said Department of Health Cabinet Secretary Lynn Gallagher. "Public Health Week is an opportunity to recognize the many New Mexicans who provide important public health services and who educate their communities about the importance of being healthier."

The theme for National Public Health Week is “Healthiest Nation 2030”, with public health agencies collaborating with individuals, healthcare providers, communities, and other partners to promote healthy living. NMDOH successes include reducing the number of teen births, taking steps to reduce the number of overdose deaths lowering the rate of obesity among young children. The department continues to work to increase immunization rates, lower the number of diabetes cases, expand its opioid prevention strategies and improve public health services statewide.

The NMDOH will participate along with 200+ members at the New Mexico Public Health Association’s annual conference in Albuquerque this week on April 4-5th, with Secretary Gallagher being among the keynote speakers.

Here are some ways NMDOH works to keep residents healthy from the start:

For more information on services in your area, please call one of our Public Health Offices.

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