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SMART Alternative to Addiction Recovery Available July 23, 2014 - Southwest Public Health Region - Awareness

The SMART Recovery program is becoming increasingly known in New Mexico and nationwide as being a modern alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous. The program is not limited to substances such as alcohol and drugs. Those with addictions to gambling, food, the Internet, and more are al... « read more »

High Rates of Preventable Hospitalizations July 15, 2014 - Emergency Medical Services - Awareness

A New Mexico Department of Health analysis reveals that the southeast and northwest regions had the highest hospitalization rates due to ambulatory care sensitive conditions in 2012 -- conditions for which outpatient care or early interventions can prevent hospitalizations and/or complications. The... « read more »

Evening Smoke Impacts Expected July 1, 2014 - Environmental Public Health Tracking - Awareness

The Diego Fire, located seven miles southwest of Coyote, NM has grown to 1,000 acres. Smoke from the fire is expected to impact Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Rio Arriba counties starting late Monday afternoon through at least 9 p.m. Additionally, communities downwind from the fire may also experience... « read more »

Breathing Easy in New Mexico June 24, 2014 - Asthma - Awareness

The New Mexico Council on Asthma (NMCOA) and the New Mexico Department of Health are pleased to announce the recent publication of a five-year plan to be used as a guide to reduce the burden of asthma and improve asthma outcomes in New Mexico. The plan, Breathing Easy in New Mexico: Addressing the... « read more »

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