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No Cost Flu Vaccinations Offered in Las Cruces for Adults and Children October 1, 2014 - Southwest Public Health Region - Vaccination

No cost flu shots and flu mist will be available. Drive-thru and walk-in service will be provided for adults. Families with children under 18 will be required to park and enter the Memorial Medical Center West Annex Building. Enter the north side of MMC’s parking lot from Terrace Drive between T... « read more »

Vacunas Gratuitas Contra la Gripe Ofrecidas en Las Cruces para Adultos y Niños

Vaccinations Available for Adults, Expectant Mothers August 1, 2014 - Southwest Public Health Region - Vaccination

The New Mexico Department of Health announces its Las Cruces Central Public Health Office is accepting appointments for adult immunizations starting August 4th at its Preventive Medicine Clinic. Immunizations include the Tdap vaccine, recommended for all pregnant women at each pregnancy. Tdap vacci... « read more »

Vacunas Disponibles para Adultos y Mujeres Embarazadas

SMART Alternative to Addiction Recovery Available July 23, 2014 - Southwest Public Health Region - Awareness

The SMART Recovery program is becoming increasingly known in New Mexico and nationwide as being a modern alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous. The program is not limited to substances such as alcohol and drugs. Those with addictions to gambling, food, the Internet, and more are al... « read more »

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