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Birth Control

Infographic which illustrates that 1 in 20 women become pregnant during their teen years and 77% of those pregnancies are unplanned.

Most pregnancies in unmarried, young women are unplanned.

Without protection, couples who regularly have sex have an 85% change of getting pregnant within a year. Using a birth control method can help you follow your RLP.

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This page provides comprehensive information on the various birth control methods available.

What kind of birth control is best for you? Do you want a birth control method that:

Visit the Birth Control Explorer web page for a whole bunch of great info about all the different birth control options.

Most Effective

The most-effective Birth Control Methods include the following:

Please visit the Whoops Proof website for great info on the implant and IUDs methods.


Moderately Effective

Birth control methods that are moderately-effective include the following:

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The clinic locator to the right allows you to search by city/state or zip code to find family planning services near you that offers low-cost or no-cost birth control options. If you can't find a clinic, or can't find the answer to your question, call 505-476-8882.