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Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver Training

The following training information is for the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver program.


The following training presentations provide general overview information about the waiver as well as details about any annual changes which have occurred.

FOCoS Online Training

FOCoS Online Training

Effective July 1, 2016, Mi Via employee timesheets are required to be submitted online via the FOCoS Online Training website.

Per the DDSD Director's Release No. 16.11.01: Mi Via Online Submissions, Employers of Record (EOR) must assure all employee timesheets are entered, approved and submitted online through FOCoS online. Timesheets will no longer be processed by the Financial Management Agency (FMA) Conduent if they are received by mail, fax or delivered directly to the FMA, unless the EOR has been granted an exception in writing by the Human Services Department, Medical Assistance Division (HSD/MAD).

Exception Requests

Exception requests can be made anytime to HSD/MAD and remain effective indefinitely unless the EOR’s circumstances change such that the reason for exception is no longer applicable. If the EOR’s circumstances change such that the reason for exception no longer prevents the EOR from entering timesheets online the EOR may then be required to submit timesheets electronically.

Exceptions are based on the following:

Contact Information

Please contact the FMA, Conduent (formerly Xerox) at 1-866-916-0310 for questions or technical assistance using the FOCoS Online Training website.