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Advisory Council on Quality

The Advisory Council on Quality Supports for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (ACQ) advises the New Mexico Department of Health on the systems guiding the provision of services and supports that assist people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD) of all ages and their families to be fully included in New Mexico communities.


The purpose of the ACQ is to provide advisory counsel to the Department about the needs of people with IDD, their families and support networks.


The duties and responsibilities of the ACQ includes, but are not limited to the following.

Please see the Advisory Council on Quality: Bylaws to learn more.


The ACQ meets every other month and at other times as deemed necessary by the Division Director and/or the ACQ co-chairs.  The current meeting schedule appears below.





The ACQ consists of a minimum of fifteen voting members with a maximum of twenty-seven voting members.  These members shall be United States citizens and current residents of the State of New Mexico.  The membership of the ACQ shall be representative of the following constituents:

Voting members:

Non-voting members:

Members of the ACQ shall be appointed for terms of three years or the remaining duration of designated terms.  ACQ members will serve staggered terms with one third coming due each year.  To ensure ACQ membership meets the requirements of the by-laws the ACQ will recommend candidates for its membership.  All nominations and applications for Advisory Council membership will be submitted to DDSD who will forward to the NMDOH Secretary for appointment review and vetting purposes.


Subcommittees or workgroups shall be created at the discretion of the Division Director or designee or the Advisory Council Chairpersons.  Each sub-committee will have a chair person(s) appointed by the Advisory Council Chairpersons.  The committee chair shall be an Advisory Council member or NMDOH staff person; however, membership may include non-Advisory Council members.  These subcommittees and study groups shall report to the Advisory Council.

There are four (4) standing committees designated by the Bylaws: Executive/Membership Committee, Policy and Quality Committee, By-Laws Committee, and Mi Via Advisory Committee.

Executive Committee

Responsible for developing the agenda for the quarterly meetings and shall be composed of the Co-Chairs, the Division Director or designee, and two (2) members from the Advisory Council at-large.  Executive Committee members must all be Advisory Council members and shall meet at the call of the co-chairs.  The Committee will meet with the Division Director or designee at least two (2) weeks prior to regularly scheduled bi-monthly meetings.

Policy and Quality Committee

Shall function as the policy developing and information review agent for the full Advisory Council.  Please visit the Policy and Quality Committee section of our website to learn more.

Wait List Subcommittee

Shall improve intake, information, referral, and community navigation.  Please visit the Wait List Subcommittee section of our website to learn more.

The Advisory Council By-Laws Committee

Shall review the By-Laws as needed and the By-Laws Committee will meet at least once every other year to review the by-laws. See ACQ By-Laws.

Mi Via Advisory Committee

Shall provide guidance and assistance to reinforce the Mi Via philosophy of self-direction; and ongoing evaluation and improvement of the Mi Via Waiver.  Please visit the Mi Via Advisory Committee section of our website to learn more.

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