Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

We promote four population-based strategies (service learning, adult-teen communication and comprehensive sex education) to work in concert with the clinical family planning direct services to prevent teen pregnancy.

Programming includes community based and school based programs. Service learning programs engage youth in constructive activities to build on their strengths and interests, and increase their motivation to delay childbearing by providing positive alternatives and leadership opportunities.

Adult-teen communication programs give adults information and skills to communicate effectively with young people about reducing risky sexual behavior. Parents influence teen decisions about sex more than their friends, the media, or their siblings.

Comprehensive sex education programs teach that abstinence is the best method for avoiding sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy, and also about the use of condoms and contraception. These programs help youth to make responsible decisions and to develop healthy life skills and healthy relationships.

Latest News

Decline in Teen Birth Rates December 18, 2014 - Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Information

The New Mexico Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics 2013 vital records data reveals a 10% drop in one year (2012 to 2013) in the state’s birth rates for both 15-17 and 18-19 year old teens. « read more »

Disminución en la Tasa de Natalidad en Adolescentes

Always a Good Time for Parents, Teens to Say, “Let’s Talk.” October 30, 2014 - Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Awareness

We’ve all had the “How do I respond to THAT?” moment with our kids. In some cases, the questions get harder as they grow older. From questions about our bodies to baffling issues with bullies, we want to know (and want to help). There are probably few talks more important than talking to ou... « read more »

Siempre Es un Buen Momento para Padres y Adolescentes decir: “Hablemos.”

Teen Childbearing in NM Costs Taxpayers $103 Million Annually May 22, 2014 - Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Awareness

The New Mexico Department of Health this National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is continuing its work to reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the state. Since 2000, the teen birth rate in New Mexico for 15-to-17 year olds has declined by 43 percent. That’s comparable to the national declin... « read more »

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