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Asthma Management in New Mexico Schools



Managing Asthma in New Mexico Schools is part of a coordinated effort, as presented by Healthier Schools-New Mexico and illustrated by the yucca and the corn stock models, is essential in promoting a healthy school environment for everyone, especially for student and staff members who are coping with asthma or other respiratory problems.


This approach provides a framework for linking health and education. The focus is on the blossom that represents the healthy and successful student. The leaves symbolize the eight components of coordinated school health - daily opportunities schools have to interact with children on health-related issues. The root system is the nurturing network that supplies the resources and energy for growth. The tap root is the family. The family provides the environment in which children thrive and grow. The other roots represent the responsibilities that culture, education, public services, media, community, businesses, and others have in fostering healthier students.

About the Manual

It is the hope and expectation of the New Mexico Department of Health-Asthma Program that school districts will use the Managing Asthma in New Mexico Schools manual as a guide to enlist the cooperation of all members of the school community.

The sections on Asthma (3), the Student with Asthma (4), and the Asthma Friendly School (5) provide general information useful to all members of the community. The remaining sections (6-14) contain more specific information pertinent to individual members of the community. Finally section 15 lists a variety of helpful resources for everyone's use.